The Awesome Guide to Terrible Father’s Day Gifts

It’s almost Father’s Day, so your social media feeds are probably overflowing with tips for the buying “the best” gift for your pop. But let’s be honest, those gift guides are BORING. So, instead of teaching you how to make a coffee mug craft disaster, or telling you that your dad would probably like a watch (who has the money for that?), we’ve got something better! In true, Hot Rabbit fashion, we’ve rounded up the six worst, most embarrassing gift ideas for dads.

1. Unique Grilling Tools

Being a dad goes hand-in-hand with a love for grilling—and the Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker is a one-of-a-kind tool that will take your dad’s grilling game to the next level. The stainless steel stick figure features a phallic kabob to skewer a hot dog for perfect cooking.

2. The Cure for His Painful Monkey Butt

No dad wants a sweaty, irritated monkey butt from sitting for long periods of time. He would definitely appreciate the practical, thoughtful gift of a chafe-free bum. Order a bottle of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder today!

3. BBQ-Scented Cologne

Described as “an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat, and sweet summer sweat,” Que is a unique cologne designed just for dads who want to harness the savory aroma of barbecue.

4. A Surprise He’ll Never Forget

Nothing says “I love you, dad” better than a surprise pregnancy from one of your recent one night stands. Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a positive pregnancy test—we’re sure he’ll be over the moon excited.

5. A Much Needed Hair Loss Solution

If your dad is one of those unfortunate souls who is on his way to being a baldy, we’ve got just the gift for him. This visor, complete with a full head of lustrous blonde hair, will boost his confidence and make him the coolest guy in town.

6. A Designer Fart Deodorizer Pad

The average person farts 14 times a day, but we’re pretty sure that dads fart even more. Save your dad from the horrid embarrassment of letting off a stinky one with these stylish, comfortable “flatulence deodorizers.”

Buying gifts for men is hard, and buying a gift that your dad will actually love is even harder. If you decide to get your dad a traditional, lame Father’s Day gift, you may get an awkward “thanks” at best. But, if you go the Hot Rabbit route, we bet you’ll at least get a good chuckle out of good ‘ole dad. Go big or go home, right?!

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