7 Tips for Hooking Up at a Wedding

Spring is the season of weddings—and when love is already in the air, it’s the perfect opportunity to meet other singles who are ready to mingle. The drinks are flowing, the dance floor is hot and everyone’s dressed to the nines. The scene is set for a romantic evening, and just because you didn’t bring a date doesn’t mean that you should miss out! We’ve got all the tricks you need to snag a hot hookup at the next wedding.

1. Give the Bride and Groom a Heads Up

Going to the wedding stag? Be sure to let the wedding planners know ahead of time so they can strategically place you next to their frisky hot friend from high school.

2. Hit Up the Bar

You made it through the ceremony, now it’s time for the party to really get started. After a few drinks (or shots) you’ll have the confidence to approach that sexy guest who’s been making eyes at you all evening. Have a few of your favorite pickup lines ready so you’re fully prepared to make a great impression. Disclaimer: Even if it’s an open bar, don’t get too drunk—you’ll need to be able to perform at your best later on!

3. Ladies, Lose the Spanx. Men, Unbutton Your Collars.

You’ve gotta get out on that dance floor and shake your moneymaker if your milkshake’s gonna bring all the boys to the yard–don’t let those constricting, uncomfortable garments get in the way! Plus… it’s one less thing to take off once you make it back to the hotel room!

4. The Bride and Groom are Off-Limits (Duh)

But the wedding party? Totally game. The bridesmaids and groomsmen have probably had a stressful few days preparing for the big day, so take this opportunity to loosen them up by showing them a real good time.

5. Don’t Cluster

Fellas, when you group together on the sidelines to leer at the ladies on the dance floor, you look like total creeps. And ladies, if you ever want a man to approach you, don’t be glued to the hip with your BFFs. The key to finding a hookup is to make yourself available. Mingle!

6. Choose Wisely

We’re not saying that non-single wedding attendees are totally off limits, but if you’re going to go there, be sure it’s worth the risk.

7. Bring a Change of Clothes

You really don’t want to be that person who shows up to the after-wedding brunch in your stained cocktail dress or wrinkly suit. Even if you’re not planning on staying the night, come prepared with an extra set of clothes in your car–just in case!

The bride and groom shouldn’t have all the fun at a wedding. Get tipsy, make some new friends and snag yourself some after party fun!

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