17 Pick-Up Lines to Get You Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you’re single, taken or “it’s complicated,” everyone wants to get their clover plucked on March 17—it’s a St. Patrick’s Day tradition. If you’re planning to venture to the pub to celebrate the greenest of holidays, we’re here to help you get your Irish snake stroked, or your clover caressed.

It’ll be impossible for the lads and lasses to not fall for your lucky charms with these hilarious pick-up lines. So write these down! Memorize them! Do whatever you have to do—just make sure you’re ready to whip ‘em out at a moment’s notice.

1. “I don’t have four leaves, but if you pluck me, I’ll give you luck!”

Pro tip for him: Intentionally forget to wear green—then she’ll have to give you a pinch and squeeze.

2. “If you buy me a shot, I’ll let you grab my Blarney Stones.”

3. “Is that a shillelagh in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Pro Tip: If you lads want to have a go at this line, just replace it with, “Are those Irish pebbles under your blouse or are you just excited to see me?”

4. “I’m Irish, wanna taste my lucky charms?”

Pro tip for him: This is a late-night line after the initial greeting and typically should happen before dropping trough.

5. “How’d you like to help put the Irish Spring back into me shillelagh?”

6. “Top o’ the morning to ya—actually, I’d like to be on top of you in the morning!”

Pro tip for her: Take one finger and stroke his arm. He’ll be escorting you home faster than he can even catch your name.

7. “You’re wearing green, I’m wearing green, we have so much in common, let’s get it on.”

Pro tip: Add a wink to the end of this one for a turbo boost.

8. “Want to come catch a leprechaun with me? Maybe together we’ll get lucky.”

Pro tip for her: After dropping one of the greatest lines ever, take your hand and start your adventure to snatching that leprechaun in his pants.

9. “Damn, Irish you were my lover.”

10. “Hey baby, you make my shamrock shake.”

Pro tip for her: A sexy shimmy will mix his shamrock shake before you even finish this line.

11. “You look magically delicious, and I just happen to be a cereal lover.”

12. “I’ll be green with envy if I don’t wake up next to you tomorrow.”

13. “You make the snake in my pants want to get up and Riverdance.”

Pro tip: This one is for gentlemen only.

14. “Would I be Dublin my chances of getting lucky tonight if I told you I was Irish?”

15. “Can I interest you in 50 shades of green?”

Pro tip: He or she may not get the reference but that’s okay. Cover yourself in mix-matched shades so they don’t assume you’re turning green from one too many shots.

16. “Saint Patrick didn’t chase all of the snakes out of Ireland… I still have one in my pants.”

Pro tip for him: You don’t have to be Irish. Use this on a lucky lass, no matter your heritage. Lasses, if you want to break this one out, replace it with, “Saint Patrick must have missed an Irish snake.”

17. “Forget the wearing of green—let’s go right to the wearing of you like a hat!”

All you have to do now is practice your best Colin Farrell accent and you’ll be getting lucky after—or at—the pub this St. Patrick’s Day.