Spring Fling or Spring Flop? 7 Ways to Know He’s Not Worth Your Time

Before you shack up with that Spring Break hottie you just met, you’ve gotta make sure he hasn’t already hopped into every other rabbit hole on the beach.

Some guys are only after one thing, and it’s not a long-term fling. If your hot rabbit is committing any of these seven Spring Break sins then it’s time to swipe left.

1. If he buys shots for multiple strangers…

Buying other girls drinks is a sure sign that his attention span is just like his little friend, short and limited.

2. If he suggests you enter a wet t-shirt contest…

He’s trying to get you wet enough so he can slide into your DMs without buying you a drink first.

3. If he asks whether you’re interested in a threesome…

Don’t be fooled by his carefree demeanor, the only way he’ll get tied down is if you tie him up.

4. If he doesn’t ask your name…

The only thing he needs to know about you is if he can get in, get off and get out.

5. If he does body shots off of other girls…

If he’s getting that friendly with you, what makes you think he isn’t getting friendly with everyone? Chances are you’re not his BFF this Spring Break.

6. If he suggests you dance on top of the bar…

We’re pro elevated surfaces, but there’s a line we won’t cross over. Save your best moves for behind closed doors, okay “Coyote Ugly?”

7. If he offers to apply your sunscreen…

Oops! Was that his hand down your bikini? He’d love to make sure he attends to those “hard to reach spots” for you—in more ways than one.

Like inhaling calories on Christmas, nothing you do on Spring Break really “counts” back in the real world. This is a golden opportunity for you to unleash those sweater puppies and parade around your golden tan. So throw back some shots and flirt shamelessly, just be aware of the dudes who may be there to ruin your fun. Spring Break only comes once a year, but if you do it right, once is more than enough.


The Beginner’s Guide to Body Shots

With spring break just around the corner, and summer creeping up right after, it’s time for bikinis, board shorts and—most importantly—body shots!

Are you ready to holla at the honeys that want to use Hot Rabbit shots as an excuse to get to know you (and your body) better?! In case you’re a body shots virgin, here are 13 tips to help you look like you know what you’re doing. (You can thank us later.)

1. Keep an open mind.

Embrace the idea of someone licking, sucking and swallowing a shot off your body. If anything, it gives you a chance to meet (hot) new people.

2. Tan skin is a must.

The only kind of pasty we dig are the ones used to cover your nips. Now, we’re not saying we advocate UV radiation, but no hot rabbit is going to lick your body if it isn’t lusciously glowing. There are plenty of self-tanners out there that will do the trick.

3. Alligator scales are sexy on no one.

Remember to exfoliate to really keep your skin soft and moist for any babes looking to get a taste.

4. Add a few crunches to your pregame.

The only thing that should jiggle on your body is the gélatine shot that’s about to be slurped down by that hot rabbit over there.

5. Put your best bra forward.

Make sure to wear a cute one that pushes those puppies up. This will create the perfect platform for a shot to be nestled right in between the twins.

6. Wax where the sun don’t shine.

No one needs to know if the carpet matches the curtains—not yet anyway. You don’t need any stray short hairs creeping up into your fun.

7. Sand and shots don’t mix.

When near the beach, be sure to clean out all of your nooks and crannies before offering anyone a taste.

8. Stick to tanning oils.

Not only do these make you look wet and ready to go, they won’t chemically poison your shot taker like a sunscreen could.

9. Bikinis and crop tops provide easy access.

Don’t make your partner work too to get to the good stuff.

10. Get into position.

The preferred way to give a body shot is with you lying on your back. So do you what you do best—lay back and enjoy.

11. Be as still as possible.

It’ll make life easier for your partner. Remember: Just because it tickles doesn’t mean you need to wiggle; you two can save that for later.

12. Wipe yourself clean afterwards.

No one likes to be smelly and sticky post-shot, especially if you’re rocking a piercing. Nothing takes you from a hot rabbit to a not rabbit like a crusty belly button.

13. Return the favor!

If some lucky rabbit gets to lick a shot off you, you take one off them. Fair is fair, right?