The Beginner’s Guide to Hosting a Legit Pregame

Getting a little buzz going before you and your friends head out on the town is a prerequisite for a good night. You know, loosen up a bit so that you’re able to at least pretend that you’re comfortable walking in those killer heels, or chatting up that Taylor Swift look-alike at the bar.

When done right, the pregame will be the only part of the night your friends will remember, so you’ve got to make it good. From Hot Rabbit shots to drinking games, we’ve got all the essentials for getting the party started, before you get to the actual party.

1. Don’t Just Wing It

Have you ever tried to get a group of plastered people to make a cohesive decision? HA! Good luck with that! Make sure that you have a destination in mind, whether it’s a party down the street or the new nightclub downtown.

2. Save the Sloppy for Later

Slamming down hard alcohol is one way to get a crazy party started, but you don’t want your fellow pre-gamers to pass out before reaching the final destination. Have a variety of mixers available to compliment your selection of booze.

3. Be the Host(ess) with the Most(est)

That’s right, it’s your pregame so it’s your responsibility to keep the pre-party going. Make sure that every guest who’s not driving has a drink in their hand and is well on their way to making poor life choices.

4. Crank Up the Jamz

A pregame is not complete without a sick set of beats blasting. Match your tunes to the destination. Headed to a birthday party? Make sure Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” makes the playlist. Going out with the girls? Blast some oldies like Usher’s “Yeah.” Check out these free pregame playlists and get your guests pumped for a crazy night out, no matter where you’re headed.

5. Minimize Inevitable Awkwardness

No one actually enjoys that first phase of a pregame when everyone’s sober. Get turned up and get newcomers on your level by playing drinking games. Here’s a foolproof list to get you started. We recommend the Bunny Race: Stack a pile of Hot Rabbit Shots in the center of the table. On “go,” all the pre-party goers grab a shot–the first to clean out their cup is the winner! Tongues only!

6. Take Pictures Before You Spill and Ruin Your Outfit

Let’s be real. By the time you get to the actual party/bar, you’re probably going to be wasted. Take all your pictures before you get this point so that you can have a handful of decent pics to Instagram later.

A successful pregame will strip you and your guests of your inhibitions, fill you with liquid courage and get you ready to face the sexy strangers you’ll encounter at your destination. Time to party!

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