The Awesome Guide to Terrible Father’s Day Gifts

It’s almost Father’s Day, so your social media feeds are probably overflowing with tips for the buying “the best” gift for your pop. But let’s be honest, those gift guides are BORING. So, instead of teaching you how to make a coffee mug craft disaster, or telling you that your dad would probably like a watch (who has the money for that?), we’ve got something better! In true, Hot Rabbit fashion, we’ve rounded up the six worst, most embarrassing gift ideas for dads.

1. Unique Grilling Tools

Being a dad goes hand-in-hand with a love for grilling—and the Roast My Weenie Hot Dog Cooker is a one-of-a-kind tool that will take your dad’s grilling game to the next level. The stainless steel stick figure features a phallic kabob to skewer a hot dog for perfect cooking.

2. The Cure for His Painful Monkey Butt

No dad wants a sweaty, irritated monkey butt from sitting for long periods of time. He would definitely appreciate the practical, thoughtful gift of a chafe-free bum. Order a bottle of Anti-Monkey Butt Powder today!

3. BBQ-Scented Cologne

Described as “an intoxicating bouquet of spices, smoke, meat, and sweet summer sweat,” Que is a unique cologne designed just for dads who want to harness the savory aroma of barbecue.

4. A Surprise He’ll Never Forget

Nothing says “I love you, dad” better than a surprise pregnancy from one of your recent one night stands. Surprise your dad this Father’s Day with a positive pregnancy test—we’re sure he’ll be over the moon excited.

5. A Much Needed Hair Loss Solution

If your dad is one of those unfortunate souls who is on his way to being a baldy, we’ve got just the gift for him. This visor, complete with a full head of lustrous blonde hair, will boost his confidence and make him the coolest guy in town.

6. A Designer Fart Deodorizer Pad

The average person farts 14 times a day, but we’re pretty sure that dads fart even more. Save your dad from the horrid embarrassment of letting off a stinky one with these stylish, comfortable “flatulence deodorizers.”

Buying gifts for men is hard, and buying a gift that your dad will actually love is even harder. If you decide to get your dad a traditional, lame Father’s Day gift, you may get an awkward “thanks” at best. But, if you go the Hot Rabbit route, we bet you’ll at least get a good chuckle out of good ‘ole dad. Go big or go home, right?!

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A Salute to Summer’s Most Patriotic Swimsuits

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the official start of summer, and that means the season of pool parties and sexy bathing suits has begun!

We’re fulfilling our patriotic duty with a salute to the hottest styles in red, white and blue swimwear, from American flag string bikinis to star-spangled Speedos.

#1 The Itsy Bitsy Bikini

Nothing says “welcome to summer” quite like an itsy bitsy American flag bikini. Sure, the requisite number of stars and stripes may not have room to be displayed, considering the tiny bit of fabric involved, but the wearer still gets credit for an enthusiastic show of patriotism. We vote for examples like this, worn by Kate Upton–she can lick our popsicles any day of the year! Or, for those who prefer the more classic look, we can’t help but pledge our allegiance to sexy Cindy Crawford.

#2 The Next-to-Nothing Speedo

It takes some serious balls for a dude to show up to Memorial Day festivities in a teeny little Speedo, but if you’ve got the bod for it, please do! You’ll make all the girls stare. If anyone can pull off wearing a red, white and blue suit that small and tight, it’s Michael Phelps. Those Olympic rings peeking out are such a tease!

#3 The Sexy Sailor

Nothing says sexy like a scantily clad woman in a nautical-themed bikini. Set sail in one of these patriotic suits and the trade winds may just blow you all the way to Pleasure Island. We salute you, Rachel Bilson, for modeling this sexy sailor-inspired patriotic bikini—we’re all aboard for whatever you want to do.

#4 The DILF Trunks

Dadbod is all the rage this summer, but we’re not totally sold. A real man takes care of his family, and you need big strong muscles to do that, right? But, no matter how flab or fab your abs are, any dad who wears red, white and blue swim trunks this Memorial Day weekend is a DILF. This sexy Jon Hamm look-alike really knows how to rock the classic American flag swim trunks. Those arms? Oh, yes please!

Honorable Mention: The Seductive Cover Up

Okay, so this one isn’t really a swimsuit, but we just had to include it—sometimes the tease of a sexy cover up can turn up the heat more than any bikini can! You know, show just enough, but leave the rest up to the imagination. Take a cue from the always-seductive Marilyn Monroe, looking so provocative all wrapped up in those stars and stripes.

Disclaimer: Don’t get too attached to your patriotic swimsuit because if you show up to your Memorial Day festivities in any of these, you might just lose it… if you’re lucky!

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Host a Fiesta Loca for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (May 5, for those of you who flunked Spanish class) is a great excuse to throw a wild party. We’ve got some tips for making your next fiesta muy caliente!

Spice Up the Scene

You know you’ve sufficiently decorated when it looks like a piñata barfed all over the room. The brighter the colors, the better. Use streamers and tissue paper flowers, and go crazy with the tacky décor from the party store. Consider setting up a photo booth with sombreros, sunglasses, mustaches and more to help get your guests in the holiday spirit.

Make Some Tasty Tacos

Any Mexican food is fair game for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make! Set up a taco bar with all of the fixins’ and keep the meat warm in a crockpot throughout the evening. Feeling lazy? Grab a party pack from Taco Bell! Your guests will think you’re a rock star.

The Party’s Not Complete Without ‘Ritas!

Obviously the most important element of any party is the booze. Think sugary and fruity. Margaritas are a must; and sangrias and piña coladas are highly encouraged. Garnishes make everything prettier, so be sure to have a handful of fresh oranges, lemons and limes on hand. And don’t forget the drink umbrellas! Arrriba!

Get Everyone Shaking Their Maracas

Leave the mariachi band for another day. Instead, set up a playlist featuring some sultry salsa music, like this one. Throw in some south-of-the-border favorites like the “Macarena”, “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “La Bamba.”

Have Some Festive Fun

The weather’s getting nicer, so don’t be afraid to use the great outdoors for some party games to liven things up!

Piñata – Demolishing a piñata with a baseball bat is fun at all ages, especially when intoxicated. Pro Tip: Keep the party going by filling the piñata with Hot Rabbit Shots! Make it rain with colorful alcohol!

Hot Pepper Eating Contest – No Cinco de Mayo fiesta is complete with out a bunch of dudes trying to one-up each other in a hot pepper eating contest. Start easy with some banana peppers (wimp), then move on to jalapenos (still pretty lame), serranos (getting hotter) and if you’re feeling really daring, bust out the habaneros (straight up crazy). Heads up: You’ll want to have some milk chasers on hand.

Limbo – What’s sexier than getting low in a round of limbo? Grab a stick or pole, turn up the music and turn up the heat. How low can you go?

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Hottie Hunt: Get Your Easter Weekend Hoppin’

It’s that time of year again, one of the biggest party weekends of spring. But this Easter, don’t limit yourself to celebrating just one resurrection. Make your Good Friday a great one with these tips for bagging the sexiest babe at the bar (and hopefully, you can convince them to stick around as your arm candy for Easter Sunday).

1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

You won’t find your “golden egg” by playing it safe and chatting up only one chick/hottie all night. It’s perfectly acceptable to hop from one convo to another until you settle on your favorite. It may have taken three days for the rise on Easter Sunday, but that doesn’t mean it should take you that long to find a weekend-long keeper!

Pro Tip: If you’re on the shy side, lay “an egg” near the one you want. Casually forget your jacket or scarf next to them, while you excuse yourself to the restroom. When you return, you’ll have an automatic “in” to strike up a conversation—plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to buy them a Hot Rabbit shot as a thank you!

2. Beware of the Rabid Rabbit

Steer clear of the out-of-town visitor who is just making quick appearances all over the place. He or she is probably too focused on jumping from event to event to see long-lost friends and maximizing quality time with their family. They definitely won’t have enough time to hop into your bed this weekend.

3. Get All Your Peeps in a Row

Gather up the A-list crew because this is the time to show off who you know. Nothing impresses other hotties like the thought of joining another circle of hotties of the opposite sex. Even if you’re no Peter Cottontail, when you’re hanging out with sexy peeps, you’re more likely to nab some hot tail for yourself.

4. Be Sure Your Treat is on the Market

Are his jellybeans or her eggs still available? Because you don’t want to go wasting time on any hot rabbits who are already spoken for. We’re not saying your Easter fling will make it all the way to the church, but at least choose one who hasn’t been there, done that and just “forgot” their ring at home.

5. You’ve Found a “Golden Egg,” So Now What?

Now that you’ve hunted them down, it’s time to get busy like bunnies. Treat your hottie to some shots and they may just fluff your tail at the end of the night.

Even though He may rise only once a year, follow these tips and you’ll find someone to enjoy sweet treats with all throughout this Easter weekend.


17 Pick-Up Lines to Get You Lucky on St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you’re single, taken or “it’s complicated,” everyone wants to get their clover plucked on March 17—it’s a St. Patrick’s Day tradition. If you’re planning to venture to the pub to celebrate the greenest of holidays, we’re here to help you get your Irish snake stroked, or your clover caressed.

It’ll be impossible for the lads and lasses to not fall for your lucky charms with these hilarious pick-up lines. So write these down! Memorize them! Do whatever you have to do—just make sure you’re ready to whip ‘em out at a moment’s notice.

1. “I don’t have four leaves, but if you pluck me, I’ll give you luck!”

Pro tip for him: Intentionally forget to wear green—then she’ll have to give you a pinch and squeeze.

2. “If you buy me a shot, I’ll let you grab my Blarney Stones.”

3. “Is that a shillelagh in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Pro Tip: If you lads want to have a go at this line, just replace it with, “Are those Irish pebbles under your blouse or are you just excited to see me?”

4. “I’m Irish, wanna taste my lucky charms?”

Pro tip for him: This is a late-night line after the initial greeting and typically should happen before dropping trough.

5. “How’d you like to help put the Irish Spring back into me shillelagh?”

6. “Top o’ the morning to ya—actually, I’d like to be on top of you in the morning!”

Pro tip for her: Take one finger and stroke his arm. He’ll be escorting you home faster than he can even catch your name.

7. “You’re wearing green, I’m wearing green, we have so much in common, let’s get it on.”

Pro tip: Add a wink to the end of this one for a turbo boost.

8. “Want to come catch a leprechaun with me? Maybe together we’ll get lucky.”

Pro tip for her: After dropping one of the greatest lines ever, take your hand and start your adventure to snatching that leprechaun in his pants.

9. “Damn, Irish you were my lover.”

10. “Hey baby, you make my shamrock shake.”

Pro tip for her: A sexy shimmy will mix his shamrock shake before you even finish this line.

11. “You look magically delicious, and I just happen to be a cereal lover.”

12. “I’ll be green with envy if I don’t wake up next to you tomorrow.”

13. “You make the snake in my pants want to get up and Riverdance.”

Pro tip: This one is for gentlemen only.

14. “Would I be Dublin my chances of getting lucky tonight if I told you I was Irish?”

15. “Can I interest you in 50 shades of green?”

Pro tip: He or she may not get the reference but that’s okay. Cover yourself in mix-matched shades so they don’t assume you’re turning green from one too many shots.

16. “Saint Patrick didn’t chase all of the snakes out of Ireland… I still have one in my pants.”

Pro tip for him: You don’t have to be Irish. Use this on a lucky lass, no matter your heritage. Lasses, if you want to break this one out, replace it with, “Saint Patrick must have missed an Irish snake.”

17. “Forget the wearing of green—let’s go right to the wearing of you like a hat!”

All you have to do now is practice your best Colin Farrell accent and you’ll be getting lucky after—or at—the pub this St. Patrick’s Day.