The Morning After: Bye Bye Hangover, Hello Round Two!

It’s the morning after a crazy night on the town, you’ve got a monster headache and can’t keep your head out of the puke bucket. These are the signs of a highly successful night of too much everything. But, there’s no need to flush the fun the down the toilet; we’ve gathered up the best hangover cures so that you’re ready for round two before you know it!

Rumor has it that a big, greasy platter of bacon and hash browns may be the cure. While some people swear that it’s the ultimate hangover remedy, there are a number of healthier options to consider that can help you to peel yourself off of that dirty bathroom floor…

1. Drink Up

While you’re laying there, feeling like death, do yourself a favor and drink some freakin’ water! The whole reason you have a hangover in the first place is because you’re dehydrated. If you’re feeling up for it, head to the store and pick up a sports drink to help replenish your lost electrolytes for an even speedier recovery. Or, if you’re feeling nauseous, pop an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a glass of water to help settle your queasy tummy.

2. Go Virgin

Sure, you can keep the party going with a full-blown Bloody Mary, but in all honesty, that will just prolong the inevitable feeling of awfulness. A Virgin Mary, however, can do wonders for your hangover by reducing inflammation and stabilizing your blood sugar.

3. Get Moving

We know, the last thing you probably want to do right now is move, but a little exercise could actually help you feel better. Maybe skip Zumba and opt for Yoga instead.

4. Eat a Good Breakfast

Even if your stomach is telling you otherwise, it’s important to get some good grub in you. Eggs are a rockstar hangover food—they contain amino acids that can help to boost liver function, and break down headache-causing chemicals. Or, whip up a smoothie with bananas, kiwi and spinach, all packed with potassium that can help replete your body’s lost electrolytes.

5. Catch Some Zzzs

After such a crazy night, your body simply needs a little time to recuperate. A hangover is the perfect excuse to lie in bed all day and binge-watch “Orange is the New Black” before the new season hits Netflix.

6. Plan Ahead

The real key to curing a hangover is to pick up a semi-sober Hot Rabbit the night before. Then, when the morning hangover takes over, you’ve got a sexy nurse/doctor there to help ease you back into full health.

Sure drinking can make you feel like shiz when you overdo it, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a wicked awesome time! Follow our tips to cure your hangover, and then you’ll be ready to hop right back on the saddle!

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