Hottie Hunt: Get Your Easter Weekend Hoppin’

It’s that time of year again, one of the biggest party weekends of spring. But this Easter, don’t limit yourself to celebrating just one resurrection. Make your Good Friday a great one with these tips for bagging the sexiest babe at the bar (and hopefully, you can convince them to stick around as your arm candy for Easter Sunday).

1. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

You won’t find your “golden egg” by playing it safe and chatting up only one chick/hottie all night. It’s perfectly acceptable to hop from one convo to another until you settle on your favorite. It may have taken three days for the rise on Easter Sunday, but that doesn’t mean it should take you that long to find a weekend-long keeper!

Pro Tip: If you’re on the shy side, lay “an egg” near the one you want. Casually forget your jacket or scarf next to them, while you excuse yourself to the restroom. When you return, you’ll have an automatic “in” to strike up a conversation—plus, it’s a perfect opportunity to buy them a Hot Rabbit shot as a thank you!

2. Beware of the Rabid Rabbit

Steer clear of the out-of-town visitor who is just making quick appearances all over the place. He or she is probably too focused on jumping from event to event to see long-lost friends and maximizing quality time with their family. They definitely won’t have enough time to hop into your bed this weekend.

3. Get All Your Peeps in a Row

Gather up the A-list crew because this is the time to show off who you know. Nothing impresses other hotties like the thought of joining another circle of hotties of the opposite sex. Even if you’re no Peter Cottontail, when you’re hanging out with sexy peeps, you’re more likely to nab some hot tail for yourself.

4. Be Sure Your Treat is on the Market

Are his jellybeans or her eggs still available? Because you don’t want to go wasting time on any hot rabbits who are already spoken for. We’re not saying your Easter fling will make it all the way to the church, but at least choose one who hasn’t been there, done that and just “forgot” their ring at home.

5. You’ve Found a “Golden Egg,” So Now What?

Now that you’ve hunted them down, it’s time to get busy like bunnies. Treat your hottie to some shots and they may just fluff your tail at the end of the night.

Even though He may rise only once a year, follow these tips and you’ll find someone to enjoy sweet treats with all throughout this Easter weekend.