Host a Fiesta Loca for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (May 5, for those of you who flunked Spanish class) is a great excuse to throw a wild party. We’ve got some tips for making your next fiesta muy caliente!

Spice Up the Scene

You know you’ve sufficiently decorated when it looks like a piñata barfed all over the room. The brighter the colors, the better. Use streamers and tissue paper flowers, and go crazy with the tacky décor from the party store. Consider setting up a photo booth with sombreros, sunglasses, mustaches and more to help get your guests in the holiday spirit.

Make Some Tasty Tacos

Any Mexican food is fair game for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make! Set up a taco bar with all of the fixins’ and keep the meat warm in a crockpot throughout the evening. Feeling lazy? Grab a party pack from Taco Bell! Your guests will think you’re a rock star.

The Party’s Not Complete Without ‘Ritas!

Obviously the most important element of any party is the booze. Think sugary and fruity. Margaritas are a must; and sangrias and piña coladas are highly encouraged. Garnishes make everything prettier, so be sure to have a handful of fresh oranges, lemons and limes on hand. And don’t forget the drink umbrellas! Arrriba!

Get Everyone Shaking Their Maracas

Leave the mariachi band for another day. Instead, set up a playlist featuring some sultry salsa music, like this one. Throw in some south-of-the-border favorites like the “Macarena”, “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “La Bamba.”

Have Some Festive Fun

The weather’s getting nicer, so don’t be afraid to use the great outdoors for some party games to liven things up!

Piñata – Demolishing a piñata with a baseball bat is fun at all ages, especially when intoxicated. Pro Tip: Keep the party going by filling the piñata with Hot Rabbit Shots! Make it rain with colorful alcohol!

Hot Pepper Eating Contest – No Cinco de Mayo fiesta is complete with out a bunch of dudes trying to one-up each other in a hot pepper eating contest. Start easy with some banana peppers (wimp), then move on to jalapenos (still pretty lame), serranos (getting hotter) and if you’re feeling really daring, bust out the habaneros (straight up crazy). Heads up: You’ll want to have some milk chasers on hand.

Limbo – What’s sexier than getting low in a round of limbo? Grab a stick or pole, turn up the music and turn up the heat. How low can you go?

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