The 5 Hottest Spots to Find a Summer Hookup

Summer officially starts on June 21, and that means it’s prime time to engage in a casual fling (or multiple flings if you’re into that kind of thing). Whether you’re traveling to an exotic country this summer or stuck in that Podunk town you call home, you can still find a hottie to help you get your naughty on during the scorching summer months. We’ve rounded up the best places to find some hot summer strange…

1. At the Beach

As it is, the beach is already hot, but all of those shirtless fellas and half-naked ladies from out of town can sure turn up the heat. Ask a neighboring beach chair babe to help you apply your sunscreen. By the end of the day, you two will probably be sharing more than just beach real estate.

2. At the Club

Chat up a random at the club. On second thought, who are we kidding—get your grind up on some random at the club! Nightclubs are bursting with guys and gals just looking for a good time, especially during those hot summer nights. Down a few Hot Rabbit Shots to boost your courage, and get on that!

3. At a Music Festival

From Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza, outdoor music festivals are all the rage in the summer. They’re the perfect excuse to wear as little clothing as possible (aside from at the beach or pool) and really, they’re just a lot of fun! Plus, all of that loud music and free spirit sets the stage for a seriously unforgettable and passionate summer hookup.

4. At a Friend’s BBQ

You never know who you’ll run into at a summer get together—some of the sexiest hookups happen with friends of friends! Someone making eyes at you from across the lawn? Grab a couple of Hot Rabbit Shots or beers from the cooler and head on over for a toast to you getting to know each other better.

5. At an Amusement Park

Summer heat + crazy adrenaline = the perfect formula for a spontaneous fling. While you’re waiting in that never-ending line, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know that hottie behind you. Sit next to each other on the ride and then continue the fun elsewhere after the park closes.


Bonus points if your summer lover is only visiting the country for the next few months. There’s no need to worry about your fling turning into a fall romance. Plus, foreign accents are killer hot.

It’s probably time to clean out your car in prep for those steamy quickies in the back seat, because as you can see, there are plenty of places to find a sexy summer hookup. Get sweaty, get naked and get yourself some hot summer lovin’.

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The Morning After: Bye Bye Hangover, Hello Round Two!

It’s the morning after a crazy night on the town, you’ve got a monster headache and can’t keep your head out of the puke bucket. These are the signs of a highly successful night of too much everything. But, there’s no need to flush the fun the down the toilet; we’ve gathered up the best hangover cures so that you’re ready for round two before you know it!

Rumor has it that a big, greasy platter of bacon and hash browns may be the cure. While some people swear that it’s the ultimate hangover remedy, there are a number of healthier options to consider that can help you to peel yourself off of that dirty bathroom floor…

1. Drink Up

While you’re laying there, feeling like death, do yourself a favor and drink some freakin’ water! The whole reason you have a hangover in the first place is because you’re dehydrated. If you’re feeling up for it, head to the store and pick up a sports drink to help replenish your lost electrolytes for an even speedier recovery. Or, if you’re feeling nauseous, pop an Alka-Seltzer tablet in a glass of water to help settle your queasy tummy.

2. Go Virgin

Sure, you can keep the party going with a full-blown Bloody Mary, but in all honesty, that will just prolong the inevitable feeling of awfulness. A Virgin Mary, however, can do wonders for your hangover by reducing inflammation and stabilizing your blood sugar.

3. Get Moving

We know, the last thing you probably want to do right now is move, but a little exercise could actually help you feel better. Maybe skip Zumba and opt for Yoga instead.

4. Eat a Good Breakfast

Even if your stomach is telling you otherwise, it’s important to get some good grub in you. Eggs are a rockstar hangover food—they contain amino acids that can help to boost liver function, and break down headache-causing chemicals. Or, whip up a smoothie with bananas, kiwi and spinach, all packed with potassium that can help replete your body’s lost electrolytes.

5. Catch Some Zzzs

After such a crazy night, your body simply needs a little time to recuperate. A hangover is the perfect excuse to lie in bed all day and binge-watch “Orange is the New Black” before the new season hits Netflix.

6. Plan Ahead

The real key to curing a hangover is to pick up a semi-sober Hot Rabbit the night before. Then, when the morning hangover takes over, you’ve got a sexy nurse/doctor there to help ease you back into full health.

Sure drinking can make you feel like shiz when you overdo it, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a wicked awesome time! Follow our tips to cure your hangover, and then you’ll be ready to hop right back on the saddle!

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Host a Fiesta Loca for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (May 5, for those of you who flunked Spanish class) is a great excuse to throw a wild party. We’ve got some tips for making your next fiesta muy caliente!

Spice Up the Scene

You know you’ve sufficiently decorated when it looks like a piñata barfed all over the room. The brighter the colors, the better. Use streamers and tissue paper flowers, and go crazy with the tacky décor from the party store. Consider setting up a photo booth with sombreros, sunglasses, mustaches and more to help get your guests in the holiday spirit.

Make Some Tasty Tacos

Any Mexican food is fair game for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to make! Set up a taco bar with all of the fixins’ and keep the meat warm in a crockpot throughout the evening. Feeling lazy? Grab a party pack from Taco Bell! Your guests will think you’re a rock star.

The Party’s Not Complete Without ‘Ritas!

Obviously the most important element of any party is the booze. Think sugary and fruity. Margaritas are a must; and sangrias and piña coladas are highly encouraged. Garnishes make everything prettier, so be sure to have a handful of fresh oranges, lemons and limes on hand. And don’t forget the drink umbrellas! Arrriba!

Get Everyone Shaking Their Maracas

Leave the mariachi band for another day. Instead, set up a playlist featuring some sultry salsa music, like this one. Throw in some south-of-the-border favorites like the “Macarena”, “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and “La Bamba.”

Have Some Festive Fun

The weather’s getting nicer, so don’t be afraid to use the great outdoors for some party games to liven things up!

Piñata – Demolishing a piñata with a baseball bat is fun at all ages, especially when intoxicated. Pro Tip: Keep the party going by filling the piñata with Hot Rabbit Shots! Make it rain with colorful alcohol!

Hot Pepper Eating Contest – No Cinco de Mayo fiesta is complete with out a bunch of dudes trying to one-up each other in a hot pepper eating contest. Start easy with some banana peppers (wimp), then move on to jalapenos (still pretty lame), serranos (getting hotter) and if you’re feeling really daring, bust out the habaneros (straight up crazy). Heads up: You’ll want to have some milk chasers on hand.

Limbo – What’s sexier than getting low in a round of limbo? Grab a stick or pole, turn up the music and turn up the heat. How low can you go?

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The Beginner’s Guide to Hosting a Legit Pregame

Getting a little buzz going before you and your friends head out on the town is a prerequisite for a good night. You know, loosen up a bit so that you’re able to at least pretend that you’re comfortable walking in those killer heels, or chatting up that Taylor Swift look-alike at the bar.

When done right, the pregame will be the only part of the night your friends will remember, so you’ve got to make it good. From Hot Rabbit shots to drinking games, we’ve got all the essentials for getting the party started, before you get to the actual party.

1. Don’t Just Wing It

Have you ever tried to get a group of plastered people to make a cohesive decision? HA! Good luck with that! Make sure that you have a destination in mind, whether it’s a party down the street or the new nightclub downtown.

2. Save the Sloppy for Later

Slamming down hard alcohol is one way to get a crazy party started, but you don’t want your fellow pre-gamers to pass out before reaching the final destination. Have a variety of mixers available to compliment your selection of booze.

3. Be the Host(ess) with the Most(est)

That’s right, it’s your pregame so it’s your responsibility to keep the pre-party going. Make sure that every guest who’s not driving has a drink in their hand and is well on their way to making poor life choices.

4. Crank Up the Jamz

A pregame is not complete without a sick set of beats blasting. Match your tunes to the destination. Headed to a birthday party? Make sure Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” makes the playlist. Going out with the girls? Blast some oldies like Usher’s “Yeah.” Check out these free pregame playlists and get your guests pumped for a crazy night out, no matter where you’re headed.

5. Minimize Inevitable Awkwardness

No one actually enjoys that first phase of a pregame when everyone’s sober. Get turned up and get newcomers on your level by playing drinking games. Here’s a foolproof list to get you started. We recommend the Bunny Race: Stack a pile of Hot Rabbit Shots in the center of the table. On “go,” all the pre-party goers grab a shot–the first to clean out their cup is the winner! Tongues only!

6. Take Pictures Before You Spill and Ruin Your Outfit

Let’s be real. By the time you get to the actual party/bar, you’re probably going to be wasted. Take all your pictures before you get this point so that you can have a handful of decent pics to Instagram later.

A successful pregame will strip you and your guests of your inhibitions, fill you with liquid courage and get you ready to face the sexy strangers you’ll encounter at your destination. Time to party!

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Personality Quiz: What Does Your Date’s Favorite Instagram Filter Say About Them?

So, you wake up next to a sexy babe after a long, steamy night between the sheets: Do you bolt for the door before they wake up, or stick around for a cup of coffee/round two?

Your gut might tell you to flee, but what if that hottie lying next to you turns out to be more than just one-night stand material? How do you decide on your next move?

Easy peasy. Just grab your phone and start Instagram stalking that shit! You can learn a lot about a person by checking out their Instagram profile (Read: Uh, no thanks crazy cat lady! Later, dude who lives in the basement of his parents’ house!)… and even more from the filters they throw over their photos.

These cheats will help you take your Instagram stalking skills to the next level so you can decide on-the-spot whether or not that hot rabbit is worth sticking around for.

1. #nofilter

Eye roll. These wannabes just wanna be part of the Instagram crowd. They either a) don’t know how to use Instagram, or b) have such a big ego that they feel the need to prove their “artistic” abilities to the world.

2. Amaro

You snagged a party animal! Amaro lightens up even the darkest of backgrounds, so there’s a good chance your man or lady spends most of their nights twerking at the club until 2am.

3. Mayfair, Nashville or Valencia

If you’re looking for someone who’s chill and easy-going, this Instagrammer might just be a keeper. On the flip side, these filters can indicate a lack of personality, and no one wants to be stuck with someone who isn’t very stimulating.

4. Rise

This Instagrammer is super sensitive. But they’re also a morning person, so they’re probably already wide awake and cooking you a nice, giant breakfast. You missed your chance to run to your car.

5. Hudson

Unless you have a thing for people who have a heart of ice and are incapable of love, get outta there—STAT!

6. X-Pro II, Lo-Fi, Brannan or Hefe

Hey there, high maintenance diva! Instagrammers who use these filters tend to see the world a little brighter, have a flair for the dramatics and an artsy side.

7. Early Bird or 1977

These old school, wannabe hipsters are stuck in the 70s and are always down for a good, chill time, if you know what we mean (wink).

Well, what’s the verdict? Instagram filters tell all: Did you sleep with a keeper?

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