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How to Throw a Sizzling Summer Party

Most of us can’t afford to jet off to the Hamptons every weekend to party like the Kardashians, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend your summer surrounded hot bods and party peeps! Here, we’ve got seven tips for throwing a sizzling summer party in your own backyard.

Hire Some Hotties

It’s simple: Hot people go to hot parties with other hot people. Attract the finest in the neighborhood by hiring a sexy lifeguard to stand around at your party. Only have a kiddie pool? So what! A smokin’ hot lifeguard will be the life of the party whether they’re “needed” or not. Plus, his or her presence will make it seem like the party is raging so hard that you need to hire help to keep it under control. If nothing else, your guests will dig the eye candy!

Enlist a Bartender Babe

Kindly ask one of your super hot friends to act as bartender. The caveat, of course, is that they can only wear a Speedo or bikini. Just one more reason for your guests to get in line for another drink! Make sure, though, that they’re able to deliver a cocktail without spilling, or that would definitely be a party foul.

Serve Up Some Summer in a Glass

The fanciest parties always have a signature drink. Sit down with your bartender pre-party to come up with a summery drink that will get your guests sloppy in style. One of our summer faves is the popsicle bubbler – a glass of champagne served with a popsicle for dunking. Or let the popsicle melt for a fruit-infused glass of bubbly!

Don’t Forget the Food

No party is complete without some good grub! Rent your favorite local food truck and park it in the driveway for a few hours. You’ve got tasty, fresh food available for your guests without the hassle of making it yourself! What kind of party host has time for that?!

Set up a Kid Corral

Kids are great (usually), but they can definitely put a damper on a your PG13 party. We’ve all heard the excuse, “Oh, I don’t think I’ll be able to get a sitter,” but don’t let that stop you! If a lot of your friends have kids, eliminate the excuse for them not to come by hiring an on-site babysitter. Mom and dad can have a fun night without having to worry about the little ones.

Light it Up

Once the sun goes down, the real party gets started. Set the mood by stringing up Christmas lights across the backyard. And plus, all those twinkling lights will set the stage for some sick Instagram shots.

Give Out Fun Favors

Your guests graced you with their presence–don’t forget to tell them thanks for helping to make the party a blast! Instead of giving out useless trinkets, give your guests something they’ll actually want. Hand out chilled Hot Rabbit Shots, or set out a selection of awesome temporary tattoos and a bowl of water so that all your guests will remember the fun for days (or at least until they’re able to scrub that dang thing off their forehead).

With these tips, you can transform your casual backyard bash into the most sizzling party of the summer. Turn up the music and turn up the heat!