Fitness Hacks for a Sexy Beach Bod

Diet and exercise? No thanks, we’re good. But since we all want to look hot in our swimsuits this summer, the trick is figuring out how to accomplish this with the least effort possible. You don’t need to hit up the gym to sculpt washboard abs and a killer butt, instead, you can simply follow the Hot Rabbit Fitness Plan:

Do a Set of Anything – So you can hardly lift a 10lb weight—no biggie. Start small with things that you know you’re capable of lifting, like a fifth of vodka. Gradually increase the weight by switching to a gallon of vodka. We know this is hard work, but we have confidence that you can do it.

Take a Celebratory Shot – Yay! You did it! And plus, taking a shot is just as good as doing a dumbbell curl. Better yet, grab some Hot Rabbit Shots and get some tongue action going. Feel the calories (and alcohol) burn!

Repeat – Reps are a great way to burn calories, so keep on doing those sets of anything and taking those shots. You’ll be ripped in no time.

Knock Down Some Pins – Bowling is the best sport for a number of reasons. 1) Unless you grab the heaviest ball in the joint, it takes relatively little effort to play. 2) It does require movement, so it’s a better workout than sitting on the couch, stuffing your face with potato chips. 3) They serve alcohol there…

Do Some Naked “Yoga” – Wearing clothes can be so constricting when you’re trying to get fit. Invite your favorite yogi of the opposite sex over for a naked “yoga” sesh. Get your downward dog on… you know what to do from there.

Take a Nap – Sleeping burns calories, right?

Learn How to Contour Your Beer Belly – Contouring is all the rage for makeup fanatics. It brings out the best in a woman’s face and hides all the ugly. So why not apply the technique to your not-so-fit tummy?

Hit the Mall – Take a cue from all of the old ladies in town and head to the mall for some good old-fashioned mall walking. While you’re at it, you may as well pick up that super cute bag from Coach or a new pair of Jordans. The heavier the shopping bag, the better the workout!

Get Jiggy With It – Bust a move, get your groove on, or shake your moneymaker—whatever you’re in the mood for. A little rump shaking is a great way to get your heart rate up. Bonus points if you do a little dirty dancing with your lover.

Whew, what a workout! Keep up the good work and your bod will be beach-ready in no time!