A Salute to Summer’s Most Patriotic Swimsuits

Memorial Day weekend kicks off the official start of summer, and that means the season of pool parties and sexy bathing suits has begun!

We’re fulfilling our patriotic duty with a salute to the hottest styles in red, white and blue swimwear, from American flag string bikinis to star-spangled Speedos.

#1 The Itsy Bitsy Bikini

Nothing says “welcome to summer” quite like an itsy bitsy American flag bikini. Sure, the requisite number of stars and stripes may not have room to be displayed, considering the tiny bit of fabric involved, but the wearer still gets credit for an enthusiastic show of patriotism. We vote for examples like this, worn by Kate Upton–she can lick our popsicles any day of the year! Or, for those who prefer the more classic look, we can’t help but pledge our allegiance to sexy Cindy Crawford.

#2 The Next-to-Nothing Speedo

It takes some serious balls for a dude to show up to Memorial Day festivities in a teeny little Speedo, but if you’ve got the bod for it, please do! You’ll make all the girls stare. If anyone can pull off wearing a red, white and blue suit that small and tight, it’s Michael Phelps. Those Olympic rings peeking out are such a tease!

#3 The Sexy Sailor

Nothing says sexy like a scantily clad woman in a nautical-themed bikini. Set sail in one of these patriotic suits and the trade winds may just blow you all the way to Pleasure Island. We salute you, Rachel Bilson, for modeling this sexy sailor-inspired patriotic bikini—we’re all aboard for whatever you want to do.

#4 The DILF Trunks

Dadbod is all the rage this summer, but we’re not totally sold. A real man takes care of his family, and you need big strong muscles to do that, right? But, no matter how flab or fab your abs are, any dad who wears red, white and blue swim trunks this Memorial Day weekend is a DILF. This sexy Jon Hamm look-alike really knows how to rock the classic American flag swim trunks. Those arms? Oh, yes please!

Honorable Mention: The Seductive Cover Up

Okay, so this one isn’t really a swimsuit, but we just had to include it—sometimes the tease of a sexy cover up can turn up the heat more than any bikini can! You know, show just enough, but leave the rest up to the imagination. Take a cue from the always-seductive Marilyn Monroe, looking so provocative all wrapped up in those stars and stripes.

Disclaimer: Don’t get too attached to your patriotic swimsuit because if you show up to your Memorial Day festivities in any of these, you might just lose it… if you’re lucky!

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The Hot Rabbit March Madness Babe Bracket

We love watching the NCAA tournament guys play with their balls, but we prefer to have our bracket filled with beauty, brains and bods that would make anyone dribble down the court.

We took the hottest rabbits across the board, separated them by industry and pitted them against each other. After a late night debate (complete with a few too many gélatine shots), we finally came to a consensus.

Are you ready to see who got our hearts thumping?

HOT-RABBIT_MMBRACKET_V1Click image to view larger


You know those really promising teams that fall short under the pressure of the clock, and end up messing up your whole bracket for the rest of the tournament? Let’s take a look at a couple of hot mess rabbits that didn’t make it into our Sweet 16.

Someone send help and fast. She went from “Hot Rabbit” to “Hot Mess” in a hot minute. Take your ratchet and sashay away.

Iggy Azalea
Picking fights on Twitter is just one of many reasons why this rap diva didn’t make it very far. IGG, why you always causing drama, girl?


Taylor Swift
Just because haters gonna hate, hate, hate, doesn’t mean that Tay let’s them get her down. Aside from looking fierce as hell in “Blank Space,” she’s managed to date almost all of our #MCMs. And who doesn’t love a girl who can poke fun at herself? We’re always in awe of how Tay manages to make a bad break up look so good.


Now to be fair, there were a few contestants that came close, but banked off the rim at the last second. The “losing” three of the final four of this year’s tournament were…

Is there anything about bad girl Riri that we don’t love? This chick is always looking fierce and her set of pipes could blow any man away.

Irina Shayk
As one of our featured #WCW’s, this hottie is no stranger. We wouldn’t be mad if this model wanted to strut her stuff just for us.

Nina Dobrev
Great clothes, kick ass career, the only downside is that she managed to let one of Hollywood’s hottest guys slip through her fingers.


Our 2015 March Madness Babe Bracket Champion is…. SCARLETT JOHANSSON!

Is it really a surprise that everyone’s favorite bombshell is our winner?

Hot Career
This girl is on fire! In addition to securing the hottest roles in Hollywood, she always snags the hottest costars.

Hot Body
Is there a more perfect body to take a shot off of? We didn’t think so.

Hot Personality
ScarJo always manages to leave us wanting more after every interview. Guys want to date her, and ladies want to be her BFF.

Hot Style
Talk about waking up flawless. From leather jackets to sky high stilettos, she always looks hot whenever we see her out and about.

Being an ultimate Hot Rabbit isn’t just about looks—it’s having the total package. Congrats to ScarJo for slam dunking her way to the top of our bracket!