Fourth Of July Sparklers | Hot Rabbit Shots

Top 7 Ways To Celebrate ‘Merica!

The Fourth of July is more than just a day for celebrating our independence—it’s a day to show our love for ‘Merica! What’s not to love about lighting off fireworks and getting star-spangled hammered? Whether you’re hosting your own bash or crashing someone else’s, we’ve got all the must-do activities to make this Fourth of July the most patriotic yet.

1. Rock the Eagle

If you don’t already own a t-shirt with a large, majestic bald eagle superimposed on top of an American flag, you need to head on down to your local Walmart ASAP to pick one up. Or, order this bald beauty online to complete your patriotic attire!

2. Red, White and BOOZE

Obvi, booze is the stars to the stripes of any Independence Day celebration. Buzzfeed has put together the ultimate list of ways to get turnt at your 4th of July Party. Or, freeze blueberries and strawberries in ice cubes to add a patriotic flair to any alcoholic beverage!

3. Fire Up the Grill

Plump steak. Juicy burgers. Perfectly charred hot dogs. Is your mouth watering yet? There’s nothing more American than a meat schmorgesborg—and plus, grilling is one of the easiest ways to cook for a crowd.

4. Put the Corn in the Hole

Get your mind out of the gutter—Corn Hole is an American classic! Bring your lawn game game with a set of American themed boards. Better yet, turn it into a drinking game! For every three-pointer, the other team takes a Hot Rabbit Shot!

5. Celebrate on a Boat

There’s no better way to spend a hot July day than on the water. Like The Lonely Island says, grab your towels and your flip flops (and a cooler full of Hot Rabbit shots) and get on a boat! Feeling extra patriotic? Deck your boat out with festive décor to bring your love for ‘Merica out onto that big blue watery road.

6. Show off Your Stars and Stripes

If you’re spending your Fourth of July by the water, a star spangled swimsuit is a must! Check out our salute to summer’s most patriotic swimsuits for inspiration!

7. Blow Sh** Up!

Okay, so maybe alcohol and fireworks don’t mix too well. But no Fourth of July is complete without a few explosions in the sky, right? Just like having a designated driver, ask a friend to be the designated pyro for the night. That way, you can enjoy all the pretty colors, big booms, and keep all of your fingers.

This Fourth of July, let’s party Hot Rabbit style! With our recipe for an unforgettable celebration, you may just be too drunk to remember it. Happy Birthday, ‘Murica!

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